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We are happy to welcome Harmony Franken with Palms Massage Spa within Pzazz. Click here to book an appointment

http://palmsmassage.wixsite.com/palms or call (262)365-8783

About Palms Massage Spa

Palms Massage always will be dedicated to client happiness and comfort.  We strive to provide the most wonderful massage, and spa treatments.  We are punctual, clean and sanitary, experienced and professional.  You can count on Palms Massage for the best service around.

We are a 5 STAR across the board & an appointment only spa.  We schedule the time to listen, and work together with the client to achieve the highest results and help you reach your health goals. Palms Massage Spa is a very neutral & relaxing environment, directed and designed to help you heal physically, emotionally, & spiritually.  Furthermore, we are here to help you with many health concerns, and work closely with surrounding small businesses that specialize in holistic health care, if a referral is required.


 The owner, Harmony, knows how difficult and frustrating it is to search for and find an outstanding massage therapist.  She has worked 14 years in the business from coast to coast.  This is the third massage business she has owned and managed.  Harmony has worked at spas, chiropractors, medical facilities, and salons.  Personally she believes in beautiful, thriving health, and finding love in everything.  Harmony is a Minimalist & Vegan and this lifestyle resonates beautifully into Palms Massage Spa.  "Least Harm Possible."  DIET is directly related to your skin, organs, emotions, and overall health. "Least Material Possessions Possible."  The less "things" and "stuff" we have to worry about in our lives, houses, and daily routines, the more time, money, and love we discover for the world around us!

Palms Massage is a locally owned spa.  

That means we pride our business in customer happiness.  

We utilize only the best, natural oils, aromas, and products.

Our quality oils are Vegan, and never tested on animals.

 We  know that sometimes,,,,you just need to relax.