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Waited too long to tan for that special occasion?
Don't have the time to commit to regular tanning sessions?
Do you have areas that don't normally tan in a bed or outdoors?

Try an Airbrush Tan!

We offer customized airbrush tan applications in a private room by a trained technician.  WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW
BEFORE your airbrush tan, you need to provide the cleanest skin possible for best results.

before your session.  If arriving after work makeup and deodorant can be removed before beginning service. Shave or wax 24-48 hours before your appointment.  Exfoliate your skin with a Body Scrub before your session.  Do not apply any lotion or deodorant.  It is recommended to wear loose clothing!

*For application, it is suggested to wear an older swimsuit or undergarments that you are willing to part with if stained.
*AFTER your airbrush tan, DO NOT shower or apply any lotions or moisturizers for 6-8 hours-preferably 8.  Some people have said that they seem a little orange during this time before showering, but after showering the tint is gone.  When you take your first shower you will notice color run down the drain.  This topical color you see is for even application.  You may think you have no color at all...wait.  It does take 24 hours to fully develop, which is why if you want the tan for a specific event, please book your appointment 2 days in advance.

*With proper moisturization, your tan should last anywhere from 3-14 days.  Do NOT use mineral or petroleum based moisturizers.  How long your tan lasts depends on your skin type and vigilance to moisturizing.  

*Also, following your airbrush tan, keep your hands out of water for several hours.  If need be, use a small amount of water on tips and then pat dry.  Avoid activity that causes perspiration before the first shower because it can affect the results and color.  Chlorinated pools and hot tubs will fade your tan more quickly.  Applying an SPF lotion will help.

*When showering, do NOT use an exfoliating soap or mitt, be gentle to your spray tan.  Dove, Dial Anti-bacterial, Irish Spring ,& Zest will STRIP  a fresh tan right off.  Eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, & powder blush can be applied after approximately 1 hour.

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